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1.      Address of the commissioner of lands-Southern Province
            Upper floor of Municipal Council Building, Galle
2.      How to contact us?
         Tel -   0912234266 
         Fax -  091-2244379
3.      At what time can meet Commissioner of Lands?
           Every Wednesday during working hours (except public holidays)
4.      How to obtain a land to live?
Make a written request for the Divisional Secretary of the division where he/she lives. A format will be given to register the  people those who don’t have lands and they have a chance to obtain a land when conducting Land Kachcheries.
5.      How to obtain a license for an encroached land which was possessed during a long period of time?
At present regulisation of encroached land is canceled. If you don’t have a land of your own you have a chance to legally obtain a land or part of land by registering for the Land Kachcheri program.
6.      Is the procedure use to give ownership of a crown land is as same as private lands? If not explain.
No. Ownership of a state land is given by a totally different procedure than the private lands. If the owner of the land license or grant given under land development act is died the spouse possesses only the life interest of the land. In the case of spouse is named as the successor he/ she will be given full ownership. After the spouse's death next successor will be given the ownership. If the successor in not named ownership will be given to the elder son of the family under schedule III of the Act.
7.      How to name successor of a "swarnaboomi" deeds, "Jayaboomi" deeds, "Ranbima" deed? Explain
Visit land branch of divisional secretariat and ask for information. Then you will be given 3 forms (L.C. 155). Forward the duly. Completed 3 forms with 3 stamps each valid for Rs. 25/- to the Land Registrar's office of the relevant district.
8.      How to obtain a loan by mortgaging a grant to a bank. If so, what are the documents required?
         Loan could be obtained from institutions which were registered under Financial Act No. 78 of 1983 and Bank Act No. 30 of 1988 by the Governor of the central bank.
You should obtain permission by forwarding following documents to the divisional secretary
                                                  i.                  Letter obtain from relevant bank
                                                ii.                  Requesting letter
                                              iii.                  Copies of grant (deed)
                                               iv.                  Title reports
9.      Can transfer a deed (grant) to another person? Explain
Grant could be transferred only to a relative (According to the schedule III) although there is a possibility to transfer to a person who belongs to class of farmers without causing a loss to the owner of the grant or his family members.



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